Tower Painting NorthWales

Tower Painting Project NorthWales Coast

Mobile and broadcast tower in a remote high wind speed location in NorthWales, with severe corrosion due to costal postion and sea air.

Tower had not been maintained for a number of years leaving exposed steel to decay.

Planned work was required for a broadcast Antenna, local and national radio services were affected for 6hrs per-day.

This tower needed a full hi-powerd 3000psi pressure wash to remove old paint and surface corrosion, servere rust areas was cleaned and treated with Corrosion inhibitor 2 part treatment.

Tower was then painted in a anit-corrsion inhibitor undercoat, this was very challenging due to the location of site and the wind speed and direction.

After the undercoat had cured the first top coat was applied, we then applied a second top coat to ensure the paint thickness is to specifcation.

The project was a great success and the tower was painted in 25 days. 5 of those days were inclenment weather due to Wind and Rain.